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Our Vision & Mission
To regain independence, values, dignity, and love for all persons struggling to overcome a life of bondage.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to rescue women & children from the dangers & exploitation of sex trafficking, prostitution, drug addiction, and degradation. To restore hope, self-worth, and self-love, to individual’s dignity and to help them to develop self-awareness and their place in the community. We hope to diminish the issues that cause family dysfunction and socials disorder and what make them vulnerable to sex trafficking/ prostitution.
Please Note:
You have now come under the jurisdiction of the Coming out of bondage Program. This means that upon entry in the program/COOB, company transportation, Public transportation. You are from that point subject to search and all consequences will be on the client. No weapons, drugs or paraphernalia of any type are allowed, as well as un-prescribed Meds or any hazardous language or behavior. We are always concerned about the welfare of all our clients.