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About COOB

   Coming Out of Bondage was found by Latriste Graham, in 2009. We became a non-profit organization in 2013. Latriste Graham & volunteers go directly to the neighborhoods frequently know for prostitution and look for the people that have been forced, manipulated, tricked, coerced or even feel trapped into sex trafficking/ prostitution rescue them that's willing to come out. We are changing many lives for the better by.  


Personally, visiting people on the street corners, shelters, transit buses, and telling them how our lives have changed for the better, and assisting individuals that need treatment for addiction issues. Also, we help in transporting individuals to programs where their basic needs will be provided.

Transportation $ 80 Bus ticket or car transportation to a safe environment. 
Clothes $150 clients leave with clothes on their back
Personal Hygiene $40 Toothpaste, toothbrush, personal, etc
Marketing $100 Cards, handouts to attract clients
Hotel $70 One-night hotel stays while waiting for transport.
Staff Travel $ 150 Food, gas, hotel stay during outreach effort.
Total cost Per Client $590

If you have any questions.  Please don't hesitate to contact me.



Founder/  President

612- 225- 8830

Please Note:
You have now come under the jurisdiction of the Coming out of bondage Program. This means that upon entry in the program/COOB, company transportation, Public transportation. You are from that point subject to search and all consequences will be on the client. No weapons, drugs or paraphernalia of any type are allowed, as well as un-prescribed Meds or any hazardous language or behavior. We are always concerned about the welfare of all our clients.