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K.E.Y.S. (Kingdom Emancipating Yokes for Success)

This ministry is all about helping people. Every Sunday morning the group gathers at STIM at 6 am, loads up into vans and hit the streets. They gather souls that are lost and/or are in need of help. They minister to the people, letting them know just how much God loves them, and where they are in their walk with Christ.Many of the people will come back to STIM, where they are fed. Not only do they receive a meal, but they are also fed with love. The women receive hairstyles and make-overs, while the men are given haircuts. They are able to pick out clothes from the STIM clothes bank. The real transformation occurs internally once The Word is delivered to Sunday morning service.

In this young ministry’s lifetime (starting in January 2008) over 250 people have been blessed and given new opportunities. Not only does it bless the folks that are brought in and blessed, but it also deeply touches the lives of all its ministers; from the van drivers, gatherers, counselors, barbers, beauticians, and cooks.

Genesis Project 
The disease of addiction is a myth. There is no disease of alcoholism; there is no disease of drug abuse; and, there is no disease of addiction! Therefore there is no need for drug rehab programs that waste precious time using therapy to push the disease of addiction agenda. This is just one of many areas where the Genesis Project departs from conventional treatment and why it is significantly more effective than the conventional drug and alcohol rehab treatment model. Teaching our guests to take personal responsibility for their choices rather than making excuses for choices that result in poor behavior is the cornerstone to rebuilding their life. A disease by its very nature is out of the person’s control. This is simply not the case with substance abuse. Substance abusers make the choice to abuse alcohol and drugs. The millions who stopped abusing drugs chose to stop. The choice is a behavior, not a disease. Inherently, people want to be happy—to have joy in their life. This is why the shortcut to happiness through alcohol and drug abuse is so alluring. While this type of quick fix to happiness can and often does, provide temporary happiness, it certainly is not a pathway to sustained happiness. The Genesis Project demonstrates through an educational process that God has so much more than quick fixes planned for your life! 
Please Note:
You have now come under the jurisdiction of the Coming out of bondage Program. This means that upon entry in the program/COOB, company transportation, Public transportation. You are from that point subject to search and all consequences will be on the client. No weapons, drugs or paraphernalia of any type are allowed, as well as un-prescribed Meds or any hazardous language or behavior. We are always concerned about the welfare of all our clients.